SOA Puppet Generals Visit the Skyways
for the anniversary of the name change
Wednesday, Janauary 17, 2007
NOON - Minneapolis Skyways
January 17 is the anniversary of the name change from School of Americas (SOA) to Western Hemisphere Institute of Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) in 2001. It was another way to pacify the public with bogus claims of change! It fooled a few congresspeople, but not all. We are hoping for a change now - one where the name is changed to DOES NOT EXIST (DNE).
The Puppet Generals walked through the Minneapolis skyways during lunchtime to educate passers-by about this training school of human rights violators. As the 'out of dress code' for the downtown clientele Generals stroll along, info about the SOA/WHINSEC was offered with our signs and leaflets.
This is a visual representation of the event. It is not meant to be complete, but rather a glimpse of the moment. Please allow time for images to load.

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Always time for a shine!
Those wacky generals on a stroll through the skyway.
I liked it better when they gave me a briefcase full of cash...
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